Answer to the most frequently asked questions

Here you can clarify the main doubts about your stay in a Smart Studios residence. If you need additional information or clarification, please contact us.

Next steps


Choose a studio

Choose the location that suits you best or the characteristics of the residence and find the ideal studio for you.

You can also choose with our help. Come and meet us to see one of the residences and clarify all your doubts.


Make a reservation

Check availability of studios indicating an entry date.

You can complete the entire booking process without leaving this website. Fill in the form and confirm your studio reservation.

You will keep your contract immediately.


Join us

It is already part of the Smart Studios community. We will be waiting for you on the date you specify for your check-in.

Prepare your stay with us so that you can have everything you need and if you need it, ask us for some tips.

Ready for a new step?


Clarify your doubts with our team. Contact us or, if you prefer, make an appointment and get to know Smart Studios from the inside.